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Richard Hiller was recently successful in the Second Circuit Court of Appeal in Greenwood Community Center v. Calep, 48,737 (La. 2d Cir. 1/15/14), 2014 WL 131066.

The court affirmed a cash sale in a contested real estate transaction and attached Defendant's attorney fees. The Plaintiff claimed the cash transaction was a charitable contribution not related to a property sale.
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Richard Hiller was successful in the Louisiana Supreme Court in C&C Energy, LLC v. Cody Investments, LLC, 41 So.3d 1134 (La. 7/6/10).

John M. Shuey, Jr.'s most active litigation of late has been "legacy" lawsuits dealing with suits by landowners seeking remediation against clients who are owners of mineral leases, either presently or historically.

He is involved in litigation resulting from the "Haynesville Shale" boom: Webb v. Franks Investments, consolidated with Allen v. Chesapeake 105 So.3d 164 (2d, Cir; 2012), dealing with whether a road dedication from the 1920s conveyed a servitude or fee ownership to Caddo Parish.

John M. Shuey, Jr. has been successful before the Louisiana Supreme Court on a "good faith" issue in Phillips v. Parker, 483 So.2d 972 (1986), and on a contract issue in Lankford v. Koch, 713 So.2d 464 (1998).

Jack and Richard have been admitted to practice law before the:

  • United States Supreme Court
  • United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal
  • United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana
  • Louisiana Supreme Court
  • Appellate & district courts in Louisiana
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